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Velvet Revolver

Velvet Revolver is a super-band containing ex-members of Guns n' Roses and Stone Temple Pilots. The Guns n' Roses faction originally started the band with code name "The Project", and their search for a singer was filmed by VH1. They finally found a perfect match in Stone Temple Pilots' Scott Weiland, and released their debut album Contraband in June 2004.

Velvet Revolver have been playing a lot of live shows lately, and featured at the Live 8 concert in London's Hyde Park in 2005.


Contraband 2004

Band members

Slash lead guitar
Duff McKagan bass
Matt Sorum drums
Dave Kushner guitar
Scott Weiland vocals Recommends:

User comments

Just another opinion...
Posted by Dawnie C from Baltimore (1st January 2020)
I gotta say that I was never a GNR fan. That was not because I thought them talentless, I just am not a fan of Axl Rose's voice. I had always loves Scott Weiland. I thought he was a hugely talented frontman and he will always be missed. RIP Scott

Posted by Heather J from Chattanooga, TN (17th September 2015)
Doesn't matter what I am doing, Scott Weiland's voice is comforting to me. He will always remind me of a time in my life when music was all that mattered. I am a forever fan of Scott's!

Posted by BEN from my bed (31st July 2012)
no one has been on here for 5 years. the comments go from 2007-2012. wierd

Posted by BEN from my bed (31st July 2012)
i absolutely love gnr im 15 i have been into them for about a year. but i havent heard vr, want to though. and gnr is still around with axl?

velvet revolver
Posted by george from england (9th November 2007)
Great band!

slash is so sexy!!
Posted by i love 80s rock!! from my housre (10th September 2006)
omg!!!i love vr and gnr!!but i dont really like the new gnr stoff since the only original member is axle!!i mean come on change the name 2 like gnr2 or something!!!but i still LOVE axle,~~S*L*A*S*H~~,duff,izzie,and stephen adler!!!

vr rules
Posted by jacqueline from french camp, CA (13th May 2006)
whoever said velvet revolver will never be as good as guns n' roses is either smoking crack or is just a straight up idiot!vr is just as awesome(if not better) than guns n' roses!so just shut your trap, 'cause you don't know what you're talking about!

Posted by Yanni from australia (3rd December 2005)
Velvet Revolver are a good band, but will never be as good as Gun's and Roses. They rock nevertheless and are still awesome!

Posted by Jess Giesler from Livonia (11th June 2005)
Velvet Revolver has a wicked sound. It's upbeat and been waiting too long. If you haven't heard their music yet, hey, get going and get it!

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