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Guns n' Roses

For those of you craving more of Guns n' Roses, you can catch up with Slash, Duff McKagan & Matt Sorum in their current band Velvet Revolver. Prior to that, Slash had a band called Slash's Snakepit (loved their debut album!)


Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide 1986
Appetite For Destruction 1987
G N' R Lies 1988
Use Your Illusion I 1991
Use Your Illusion II 1991
The Spaghetti Incident? 1993
Live Era: '87-'93 1999
Greatest Hits 2004

Band members

The best known members are:
Axl Rose vocals, piano
Slash guitar
Izzy Stradlin guitar
Duff McKagan bass guitar
Matt Sorum drums
Steven Adler drums Recommends:

User comments

Posted by jaz from birmingham (6th October 2014)
he is sooooooo great i lone hi so much and it is him who inspired me into rock music but slash is cool to i love his top hat best song goes too ..... welcome to the jungle

Megaman X5
Posted by Guns n Roses from USA (4th March 2012)
What makes this group interesting is the fact that megaman x5 uses these names for bosses in the game

Posted by niyah from home in savannah (11th March 2010)
Slash is one of the best guitarists eva!!!

Posted by Ur_Maw from Her Hole (10th March 2010)
Fukin amazin guitarist my fav :) but Jimi Hendrix is supposedly better (as if...).

hollywood is better then guns n' roses
Posted by serina from cincinnati (22nd December 2009)
HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD ROCKS SO DOES guns n' roses!!!!!! (: (: (: haaa hhhhaaahaahaa smiles are the best


the band is good but hollwood undead is bettet
Posted by unknow from cincinnati (22nd December 2009)
guns n' roses is the best band other then hollywood undead!!!! now thats a band so dont hate just rock out with ur type of music and bands.

Posted by heheh from camp. ca (6th October 2009)

William Bailey
Posted by Mandy from London (19th August 2009) know who you are Axl... I will never forget you, you made me fall in love with Rock music many years ago and I will never forget you because of that...thank you, you will always rock my world!

Posted by nick from fayetteville arkansas (9th June 2009)
slash rocks!he is an awesome guitarist!plus i like the top hat

Posted by Evan from England (29th December 2008)
slash is so cool he is the reason i play guitar

9th september 2006
Posted by mira mae from philipines davao (2nd September 2006)
I love gnr bcuz i learn how to play an instruments i love the members of gnr they were hot!!!!!!!!! and awsome and they were handsome so that i would anything to see them in person I LOVE YOU UR FAN TY

guns n roses_the best
Posted by roxy from student (3rd August 2006)
axl rose has such vocal that when i listen to him i hink i m in the clouds.he is really cool and at the same time very handsome.ROXY

Posted by Josh from Calgary (1st July 2006)
Slash is awsome he is my idol and I would give anything to see him in person. He is the reason I started playing guitar.

Posted by jacqueline from french camp, CA (14th May 2006)
slash is HOTT!!!!!!!he also has a great ass...

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