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Stone Temple Pilots

The grunge movement of the early 90s centred around Seattle, but Stone Temple Pilots, a group whose base was San Diego, California, were lumped into the genre; however, their non-Seattle roots made some critics brand them wannabes. This was undeserved as the band never claimed any grunge connection (nor did most of the so-called grunge bands of the day), and with time STP outlasted most of their peers into the 21st century and established themselves as a great rock band in their own right.

STP are fronted by the talented Scott Weiland, whose vocal versatility allows him to sing anything from metal to punk-pop to ballads. However, he is almost as well known for his drug problems and scrapings with the law, and has been in and out of rehab and jail. Weiland is a great show man. At STP gigs he frequently dons nothing more than a tight pair of leather trousers and applies make-up to his face to give him a twisted, sick look. He can be all over the place as he wanders about the stage performing odd movements and interacting with the crowd. As he does so, his band chugs away solidly. Weiland has now taken his antics to his new superband, Velvet Revolver, where he joins Slash and other members of Guns 'n' Roses.


Band members

Scott Weiland vocals
Dean DeLeo guitar
Robert Deleo bass
Eric Kretz drums Recommends:

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