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Tool have just released their latest album, 10,000 Days. The track list is:

Wings For Marie (Pt 1)
10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2)
The Pot
Lipan Conjuring
Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)
Rosetta Stoned
Right In Two
Viginti Tres

I bought my copy of the album today but only managed to listen to "Vicarious" which I thought was great music, in the same vein as stuff on Lateralus. I'll be reviewing the entire album soon.

Tool formed in 1990 in Los Angeles, California. Evolving significantly with each album, they are now one of the most sophisticated and respected alternative hard-rock bands around. Much of their music is progressive rock, and the band cite King Crimson among others as an influence on their style.

Tool's music is at once brainy and brawny, urban and tribal. Backed by the intricate but heavy drumming of Danny Carey, guitarist Adam Jones (once make-up effects artist) elaborates his riffs into cross-patterns and sonic landscapes. The music often involves complicated rhythms and time signature changes, which the band handle solidly. Over this, vocalist Maynard James Keenan whispers then screams his messages at you. Amongst the subjects he tackles are religion, politics and psychology. This is one band you won't hear playing any ballads.

Maynard also has a successful side project band called A Perfect Circle.


Opiate 1992
Undertow 1993
Aenima 1996
Salival 2000
Lateralus 2001
10,000 Days 2006

Band members

Maynard James Keenan vocals
Adam Jones guitar
Paul D'Amour bass
Danny Carey drums Recommends:

User comments

Tool and iTunes!
Posted by Jordan L. from Mobile, AL, USA (4th March 2013)
Tool isn't in the iTunes music store, just instrumentals and tributes. When I first heard this I was pissed, thats where I get all my (legal) music. :P

Posted by tool luver from michigan (9th March 2007)
tool is the best band ever specialy the pot an right in two an jambi

Posted by indespensable from Colorado (19th October 2005)
We all already know everything they say, but having such an artistic reminder is a nice change. Stop listening, stop feeling, start letting it sink in and live. That's all that needs to happen. Become part of the message, of the reminder.

Posted by not the first from everywwhere (7th October 2005)
The greatest band in the world

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