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A Perfect Circle

Band formed in the late 90s by Tool's front man Maynard James Keenan and guitar tech Billy Howerdel. Their music is described as alternative heavy art-rock, or something along those lines anyway!

Keenan is known to wear wigs in concert, a habit he says began in an effort to spare his son the attention from fans and media when out and about together. Keenan also started a craze for "Free Frances Bean" T-shirts, which unsurprisingly earned him the wrath of Courtney Love, Frances Bean's mother.

Watching the keanu Reeves film, Constantine, recently, I noticed a song off Emotive called "Passive" playing in one of the scenes. According to Keenan, this song is about apathy and asks people to get more involved in the decision making that affects the US.

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User comments

First album the best
Posted by Matt from UK (13th February 2009)
I think A Perfect Circle's first album, Mer de Noms, was the best. My favourite song off that album is "The Hollow", the first track. Sometimes the band's songs can be weird. I prefer their more accessible stuff. My best picks are:

The Hollow
Weak and Powerless


A Perfect Circle vs Tool
Posted by Srda from Where ever the military puts me... (23rd January 2008)
I listened to Tool before I started to get into A Perfect Circle. After seeing Tool in concert I must say that I'll always prefer the sound of Tool over A Perfect Circle and you need to be a solid listener to Maynard's music to be able to tell the difference between them. But they are both excellent.

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