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Steve Vai

6th June 1960 -

Steve Vai is one of the most successful of virtuoso electric guitarists. His second album, Passion and Warfare (1990), is his most successful to date. A highlight off that album is track 7, "For The Love Of God", a screaming guitar ballad with an unforgettable motif, typical of Vai's emotional and expressive style. Future albums would also contain ballads in the number 7 spot, and Vai collected them together on a special album, The Seventh Song: Enchanting Guitar Melodies - Archives Vol. 1 (2000). This is a great album for those of you who, like myself, love to hear sweeping, dramatic guitar melodies and tonnes of soloing in between. At no point, however, is Vai anything other than original and inspiring.

Throughout his career, Vai has played for Frank Zappa's band, then Alcatrazz, going onto play with David Lee Roth (formerly frontman for Van Halen) and Whitesnake. His music has also appeared in a few films including Dudes, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey and Ghosts of Mars. He also made an appearance in the movie Crossroads as a villainous guitar player.

For a while, Steve Vai took guitar lessons with Joe Satriani, and like his mentor, contributed his expert knowledge to guitar manufacturer Ibanez in the making of a guitar series named JEM. The two can be heard together jamming to hits by Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young and others in the finales of most G3 tours and albums.

Vai is not just a talented guitar player, but a dedicated philanthropist too. He co-founded the Make A Noise Foundation in 1988, a charity that helps provide musical instruments to needy children. When not involved in guitar playing or charity, Vai has an interesting hobby: beekeeping. Favourite Video

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