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Joe Satriani

15th July 1956 -

Joe Satriani (b. July 15, 1956) is one of the most talented guitar players in the world. As a guitar teacher he taught fellow virtuoso Steve Vai and Metallica's Kirk Hammett, amongst others. Steve Vai helped his friend and former teacher break into the mainstream guitar world by spreading the word about Satriani's playing to colleagues and in guitar magazines around the time Satriani released his first full-length solo album, Not of this Earth.

Satriani's most classic album is Surfing With The Alien (1987), a must-buy for all fans. On Flying in a Blue Dream (1989) Satriani also sang for the first time, but for some reason several articles written over a decade later about newer albums on which he sings make the comment that his singing is a novel thing for him...clearly it is not anymore! At any rate, Satriani's vocal talents are far behind his talent on the fret-board.

In the 80s and 90s Satriani filled guitar spots for The Rolling Stones and Deep Purple. He became so popular that guitar manufacturer Ibanez launched a guitar series in his name and to his specifications. In his own words:

"I wanted a guitar with a modern sound, but with a vintage feel, with smaller frets and more radius on the fingerboard. It had to be subtle enough to catch nuances, fast and easy to play."

Satriani is the mastermind and so far permanent member in the evolving G3 project, a tour whose shows see 3 top guitarists take the stage in turn and then unite for the finale. Guests on this tour so far include Steve Vai, Eric Johnson and Yngwie Malmsteen.

When contemplating Satriani's album names (see the discography below), it is clear that there is an 'out of this world' theme throughout them, combined with the idea of flowing & magical movement. Appropriately, Satriani's guitar playing embodies these concepts and is sure to provide good listening for guitar enthusiasts and lots of inspiration for budding, intermediate and advanced guitarists alike. Favourite Video

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