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Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine was formed in Los Angeles, California in the early 90's and went on to dominate the political hard-rock scene during the Clinton years. Like other bands, Rage has been credited with inventing nu-metal; obviously no one band single-handedly did that, but Rage certainly brought its flavour to the mix. Zach de la Rocha (highly influenced by Public Enemy's Chuck D.) rapped over the almost DJ-like playing of Tom Morello's guitars, and the rhythm section offered a solid support for that.

Through the album releases Rage returned to its winning formula time and again but also dabbled in other directions; for example, Zach sang a little in the later albums.

Rage split up after bassist Tim Commerford invaded the set of an MTV Awards, something Zach de la Rocha felt reduced the band's seriousness when they were about delivering powerful political messages. Zach went off to do his own thing and the rest of the group joined forces with Soundgarden's Chris Cornell to form Audioslave.


Band members

Zack de la Rocha vocals
Tom Morello guitars
Tim Commerford bass
Brad Wilk drums

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Posted by motmot from philippines (13th June 2009)
hayop sa galing!

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