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One of the most highly anticipated supergroups of recent times, Audioslave are the merger of Rage Against The Machine (minus singer Zach de la Rocha) and Soundgarden's vocalist, Chris Cornell. An interesting combination, the music and riffs sound like those of Rage Against The Machine and the singing sounds like that of Soundgarden, but they go together well. In addition to the well covered territory of hard-pounding rock anthems, the formation has also produced a few ballads, such as "I Am The Highway", that are amongst the most popular songs in their repertoire.

Their last album, Out of Exile, was released on 24th May 2005. The first single off the album, "Be Yourself", is a surprisingly mellow choice but has been well-received (and has a really cool, if simple, wah-wah guitar solo!!)

Audioslave's next album, Revelations, is due for release in June. According to Cornell, the group have explored their R&B side on this record - so expect something different! Favourite Video


Audioslave 2002
Out of Exile 2005

Band members

Chris Cornell vocals
Tom Morello guitar
Tim Commerford bass
Brad Wilk drums Recommends:

User comments

great music
Posted by sugat from kathmandu nepal (22nd May 2006)
audioslave are a great band man their 1st album rocked too hard man but the second i mean theyre still great but the rawness of what was their 1st albm is lost but a great band nontheless.tim rocks so does chris and brad but tom man,,,hes cool in other ways cheers guys

Posted by Jesse from Deer Lake, Ontario Canada (26th February 2006)
Oh Yeah YOU guys Rock. I have you guys music videos. I Mostly have "like a stone" videos.Bye
Jesse Koostachin From Deer lake

Posted by Jesse from Deer Lake, Ontario Canada (26th February 2006)
I lke Audioslave. I wish I Played Like Tom Morello. He's very talented. I just keep trying and trying to play like him. My Favourite song is "Like A Stone". I can play that song a little bit. My parents are getting me a electric guitar later. So I can play like Tom Morello.Bye.
This Is Jesse From Deer Lake.

Good band
Posted by Yanni from australia (28th December 2005)
I have both there alums, they have a very good sound, a very good combination indeed they rule!

lead singer
Posted by kimmy t. from dallas texas (23rd November 2005)
Saw you guys on Leno.....lead singer is hot! I had to look you guys up....good job!

Posted by debbie mills from angus ont. (13th July 2005)
This is a really good group. My daughter played "Be Yourself" for me. They are not just talented but they are nice looking men. The singer resembles my younger brother, and the drummer of the group is HOT.

Posted by James from Gib (14th December 2004)
Audioslave is a modern day supergroup. It comprises of three members of 'Rage Against The Machine' and Chris Cornell, formerly of 'Soundgarden'. The group was originally called 'Civilian' but eventually they bought the name 'Audioslave' from a band located in Liverpool, England. Their music has a big epic sound to it, very dynamic and very driven. It does, in many ways, display what was so great about its members previous bands. The riffs of Tom Morello are still new and interesting and the vocals of Chris Cornell are still unbelievably brilliant. This band is a must see and the album, a must buy!

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