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Foo Fighters

A year after the suicide of Nirvana's lead man Kurt Cobain, drummer Dave Grohl decided to try his luck as singer/songwriter and formed Foo Fighters. The self-titled debut album was written and performed entirely by Grohl, who recruited the necessary band members (including ex-Nirvana bandmate, Pat Smear, on guitar and Alanis Morissette's one-time drummer, Taylor Hawkins) for live performances and subsequent albums.

In Foo Fighters' music it is possible to hear some elements of Nirvana, most notably (and expectedly) in the drumming. However, there are stark contrasts too; Cobain wrote most of Nirvana's music and had a markedly different attitude to that of Grohl. Though the Foo Fighters' music is as punky and melodic as that of Nirvana, their vibe is lighter and more humorous. As an example of this humour, Foo Fighters are known for their whacky videos, which often feature the band members in costumes acting out ridiculous roles.

Foo Fighters released their fifth LP, In Your Honor, this June. It is a double album with disc 1 containing heavy material and disc 2 containing mellower songs with guest appearances by Norah Jones and Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones. Dave Grohl has said that he wants this to be the band's definitive album.


Band members

Dave Grohl vocals, guitars
Pat Smear guitars
Nate Mendel bass
William Goldsmith drums
Taylor Hawkins drums
Franz Stahl guitars
Chris Shiflett guitars Recommends:

User comments

Uh, Foos?!
Posted by Foo Fighters from Nunya (18th October 2011)
Foo Fighters are a awesome band, and Dave Grohl rocks :D

Posted by gabriiella from san francisco (13th February 2011)
be the best you can be...

Posted by s from s (19th June 2008)
They are awesome

Great band
Posted by JSC from UK (18th April 2007)
I think Foo Fighters is a great band, though I prefer their first 2 albums. I have seen them live on TV - they are really energetic and put on a good show. Been a fan of Dave Grohl since the Nirvana days... hope he keeps it up!

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