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I heard Smells Like Teen Spirit in the early 90s and was hooked on Nirvana for the remainder of their time as a band, and then some. As a young teenager I was really intrigued by Kurt Cobain's persona - he seemed so destructive and creative at the same time, something that was new to me. Nirvana fused simplicity, melody and hard-rock to come up with a brilliant mix that was catchy, yet not cheesy. So influential have Nirvana been that I have seen many a band form to play nothing but Nirvana songs. Kurt's suicide was a musical (as well as personal) tragedy - I believe there was so much more he could have given to rock music. His legacy and influence live on: I still hear many new bands banging out Nirvana tunes at local gigs, and also hear Nirvana's influence in current bands like Cold and Puddle Of Mudd. I believe Nirvana will go down as the most important band of the 90s.


Band members

Kurt Cobain vocals & guitar
Krist Novoselic bass
Dave Grohl drums & backing vocals
Pat Smear guitar in the later years
Chad Channing drums on Bleach
Dale Crover drums on parts of Bleach
Jason Everman guitar in the earliest years Recommends:

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User comments

Lake of Fire By:Nirvana
Posted by Jordan L. from Mobile, AL, USA (4th March 2013)
I love the sound that the band gives to Lake of Fire, it really shows their hard rock side but at the same time keeps it smooth which many hard rock songs do not have.

Nirvana are awesome
Posted by Phil from Tarn,England (30th August 2012)
I love Nirvana and there music. They took the simplicity of music and the rock side and as they say, the rest is history!

i love kurt
Posted by bobbie from usa (12th January 2010)
i love kurt his music rocks

The best Grunge band ever
Posted by Yanni from aus (25th June 2006)
Nirvana was one of the most influental bands ever, they were in the top 4 grunge bands including Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains

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