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Rock Music Books

Here is a selection of books to do with rock music, available from

The Songwriting Secrets of The Beatles
If you're interested in the theory and formulae used (however unwittingly) by The Beatles when writing their songs, this book offers an excellent and in depth analysis. Although the book's description says that all Beatles fans, not just musicians, will enjoy the book, it is a little heavy on the theory to be of much interest to non-musicians. However, the appendix includes an introduction to musical theory to help such people along.
cover The New "Rolling Stone" Album Guide
As the name of the book suggests, this 912 page tome, written by over 70 writers and editors, contains album guides, including star ratings. I bought this book to help me compile the information on this site, and so far am finding it very informative and useful, although most of the guides seem to be somewhat biased according to the author's views (inevitable, I know, but still).
cover Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar
Struggling to keep up with Joe Satriani? No kidding! Well, this book is for you. It focuses on the technique behind speedy guitar playing, allowing you to take that where you will (even if it does seem more focused on heavy metal type playing). I have been using the exercises described for a few days and am definitely playing better, but the hard work has to be put in, this book will not improve your playing overnight.

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