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Weezer's self-title debut album (a.k.a The Blue Album) was released in 1994 and contained the hits "Undone - The Sweater Song", "Buddy Holly" and "Say It Ain't So". Though the album was very successful (eventually going double-platinum), it wasn't taken very seriously, and Weezer became known as a geeky punk-pop band. Weezer's next album, Pinkerton, mainly the brain child of frontman Rivers Cuomo, was put forth as a much more serious concept album but received mixed reviews by the critics, though it is a favourite amongst fans. Perhaps it was just a bit too weird for radio. Weezer was out of action for a few years after this effort but returned with another self-titled album (a.k.a The Green Album), which, like the subsequent album after that, Maladroit, spanned only a half hour or so, but was surprisingly well received. To this day Weezer are still around and it is rumoured that some more releases are on the way.


Weezer 1994
Pinkerton 1996
The Green Album 2001
Maladroit 2002 Recommends:

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Buddy Holly
Posted by Jon from UK (13th September 2010)
I don't know many of Weezer's songs, but Buddy Holly was a cool track back in its day. I was in a band that covered it and it was one of the most popular tracks.

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