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Ugly Kid Joe

90s Californian heavy-rock band with a satirical sense of humour. Ugly Kid Joe became famous with their hit 'Every Thing About You' and followed up with 'Cats In The Cradle'. The band split up in 1997.

Since the split, singer Whitfield Crane has toured with Life Of Agony & formed a short-lived band called Medication with ex-Machine Head guitarist, Logan Mader.


As Ugly As They Wanna Be 1991
America's Least Wanted 1992
Menace to Sobriety 1995
Motel California 1996
As Ugly As It Gets (compilation album)1998

Band members

Whitfield Crane vocals
Klaus Eichstadt guitar
Roger Lahr guitar
Dave Fortman guitar (replacement for Roger Lahr)
Cordell Crockett bass
Mark Davis drums
Shannon Larkin drums (replacement for Mark Davis) Recommends:

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