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Trivium formed in Orlando, Florida in 2000 and quickly built up a buzz in the metal scene of the area. Their music contains elements of thrash, progressive rock and grindcore and is very reminiscent of 80s and early 90s metal, particularly due to the emphasis on flashy guitar solos and harmonic dual guitar riffs. Their influences include Metallica, Iron Maiden and Pantera.

In 2003 Trivium released their debut album, Ember to Inferno, with the label Lifeforce. They were then signed by Roadrunner Records and, after a change in the band's line-up, released their second album, Ascendency, in 2005. Ascendency has won the band great acclaim and things are looking good for their follow up album, set to be released later in 2006.

Trivium's lead singer/guitarist Matthew Heafy is just 20, yet his musical talent and style surpass his years. Born in Japan, Heafy moved to the US as an infant. Heafy was a team captain in Roadrunner Records' 2005 25th Anniversary special album. At 19 he was the youngest team captain alongside Rob Flynn of Machine Head, Dino Cazares of Fear Factory and Joey Jordison of Slipknot. That's quite an achievement!


Ember To Inferno 2003
Ascendency 2005

Band members

Matt Heafy lead vocals, guitar
Corey Beaulieu guitars, vocals
Travis Smith drums
Paolo Gregoletto bass, vocals Recommends:

User comments

Posted by matt ellis from canada (8th June 2009)
i saw trivium at the john labbatt centre in london ontario canada. they were with slipknot and three inches of blood on slipknots all hope is gone tour, i have to say all three bands were great!!!! but!!! trivium shure knows how to get ppl pumped up:P:D cant wait to see them again;)

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