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Thin Lizzy

Formed in Ireland in the late 60s, Thin Lizzy was a hard-rock band that enjoyed substantial success in the 70s and 80s. The band was headed by Phil Lynott who contributed an air of soul to the rock tunes. Thin Lizzy developed and became famous for their dual lead guitar sound. Their hit "The Boys are Back in Town" features such a dual harmony on the guitars, which is perhaps the most memorable part of the song. The band had a string of notable guitarists in its line-up over the years, the most well-known being Gary Moore, who has led a successful solo career of his own. The most permament guitarist (though not a founding member) is Scott Gorham, who even returned to play with a reunited Thin Lizzy in 1999. The band split up in the mid 80s. Lynott died of a drug overdose in 1986.

I was lent the Thin Lizzy live album Live and Dangerous a few years ago and, as a guitar player, was extremely influenced by it. If only for the sake of the excellent guitar solos, I recommend this album. However, there are some great songs on there too, including the classic rendition of "Still In Love With You" - a moving version that has become better known than the original studio recording. Other classics on the album are "Jailbreak", "Dancing In The Moonlight" and "The Boys Are Back In Town". It has been said that Thin Lizzy were at their best on stage, and this record certainly adds weight to that statement.


Thin Lizzy 1971
Shades of a Blue Orphanage 1972
Vagabonds of the Western World 1973
Night Life 1974
Fighting 1975
Jailbreak 1976
Johnny the Fox 1976
Bad Reputation 1977
Live And Dangerous (live album)1978
Black Rose: A Rock Legend 1979
Chinatown 1980
Renegade 1981
Thunder and Lightning 1983
Boys Are Back In Town: Live In Australia (live album)1999
One Night Only (live album)2000

Band members

Phil Lynott vocals/bass guitar
Brian Downey drums
Gary Moore guitar
Scott Gorham guitar
Brian Robertson guitar
(+ other guitarists) Recommends:

User comments

Posted by patrock from ccsc (15th December 2009)
pleas come to the danger mouse rally in staffordshire bignall end criket club

you guys
Posted by patrock from ccsc (15th December 2009)
you rock just keep rocking

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