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The White Stripes


The White Stripes 1999
De Stijl 2000
White Blood Cells 2001
Elephant 2003
Get Behind Me Satan 2005

Band members

Jack White vocals, guitars
Meg White drums

User comments

they suck
Posted by b.b from australia (16th August 2015)
they are probably one of the worst rock bands in history, a dog farting is considered music compared to them

wtf how do you not like them!
Posted by Jordan L. from Alabama, USA (4th March 2013)
White Stripes are amazing. To the two negative commenters, i also wish for what the previous commenter said.

The White Stripes
Posted by The White Stripes from Downers Grove (17th December 2010)
To the person who left the last comment: I wish bad luck upon your unborn fetus...and I love The White Stripes

who r u
Posted by r.t from london (18th January 2010)
who are they? never heard of them...

i don't ♥ them
Posted by Kalene from Miami, FL (8th February 2008)
the white stripes shouldn't evn b considered rock...they completely suck!

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