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The Killers

User comments

theres no words 2 say
Posted by rockiller723 from australia (29th March 2010)
this is my favourite band. i love all of their songs n theyre no. 1 on my top 20 list. my fav song is shadowplay

Posted by Permission To Comment from Ireland (18th November 2009)
Ah I love that whole album! Anthemic!

The Best
Posted by Chantel Doyle from Wirral, Woodchurch (11th April 2009)
My grandad loved the song human and he passed away on 1st of January. This is from Chantel doyle. We love you

I don't know what to put for the subject
Posted by ChIcKeN wHiSkErS from Oregon (6th October 2008)
I like their song: Somebody Told Me. I downloaded the song today.

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