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The Beatles

Note: Paul McCartney recently released a new studio album, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. Impressively, he plays most of the instruments on the album. The standard of the record is high, and there are no fillers; at the same time, there are no obvious "single" tracks. Some of the material is reminiscent of the late Beatles material, with deft key changes and unpredictable but catchy turns. The album has been touted as one of McCartney's best.


Band members

John Lennon vocals, guitar
Paul McCartney vocals, bass
George Harrison lead guitar, vocals
Ringo Starr drums Recommends:

User comments

Posted by Strat from uk (1st August 2008)
Search for The Beatles on YouTube & you'll find some modern day covers of some of their songs. It's cool to hear what their songs might sound like had they been released today. One example is "Fixing A Hole" - I never really thought of this as a very strong song, but hearing it with modern recording techniques/quality made me gain new appreciation for the song.

love U!!!!!
Posted by Geneva B from usa (20th January 2006)
the beatles rock dude!!!! they are my fav people!!!!!! i want 2 tottally like buy all there albums!!!

Posted by Amy from canada (22nd November 2005)
Beatles you rock1!!! I like totaly luv your music
Today we watched yellow submarine movie in school! Paul i have to meet you.
Amy Brown ( : p.s. i went to England 4 times and last time i went we went to Liverpool we saw that part where it's like beatle mania man!!!

Their music spans generations
Posted by Jon from Uk (10th November 2004)
As a child in the 80s, most of the music I listened to was what my parents had playing, and much of the time that was The Beatles. Even at that young age I thought the Beatles were great just because they had so many great melodies (songs like Hello Goodbye & Obladi Oblada with such catchy hooks come to mind). Now I appreciate the Beatles on a different level too, for their incredible song-writing skills and ingenious arrangements, which are evident on songs like The Walrus, Strawberry Fields Forever and A Day In The Life. The Beatles' music has already stood the test of time for over three decades, and it is my feeling that it will do so for many more.

The Beatles
Posted by Frank C from UK (7th November 2004)
Huge volumes have been written about The Beatles, so hereís my little bit. What I find with most successful bands is that their later albums are never as good as the first or second one, The Beatles must be one of very few Bands that made it and then just carried on getting better and better for the decade or so that they were together. Why did they make it and why did they carry on, for over forty years so far, being so popular? I hope itís not too presumptuous to say that it wasnít their playing ability, which sometimes wasnít especially good.

One aspect that I donít see in most articles about The Beatles is that their music, even Lennonís dark songs, has a happy element in it that makes me smile when I hear it. I think it does this to most people, especially their earlier music written at a time, in the early sixties, when there really wasnít much else for young people to smile about without getting told off by their elders (I know, I was one). Their publicity machine, in the guise of Brian Epstein, made this facet a part of their act in the early days, to the extent of them behaving like near idiots sometimes, but it was dropped later when they rebelled against being the publicís playthings and became more serious in outlook. However the happiness continued in their music.

Another rarity about The Beatles is that they could and did all sing, although the best was when Lennon and McCartney shared the singing, which was most of the time, mainly because they tended to sing the songs they wrote and these two wrote most of the songs. But Harrison and Starr also had reasonable singing voices and both went on to have their own successful solo careers after The Beatles as well as the more famous two. Perhaps the beauty of these shared songs is McCartneyís smooth voice together with Lennonís harsher one actually in harmony.

A lot has been said about Lennon/McCartney as a song-writing duo, how they complemented each other so well. I have listened to most of what they produced and it is this that really sets them apart from other bands. I am not a musician and so I canít describe it in any technical terms but their music just sounds right, smooth, harmonious, melodic, and last but not least original, even today after being imitated by almost every other successful band. I like to think of it as Lennon disliking perfection and purposefully avoiding it but McCartney liking perfection and aiming to include it. This combination must be, in my mind, what makes their songs so good. This goes for the lyrics as much as the music composition. Mention must be made of George Martin, whose musical know-how is incorporated into so much of The Beatles output.

In short, not only could they come on stage and play music and put on a show, which is the easy part, but they could also write music and sing and they made people happy too.

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