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Philadelphia rockers Silvertide released their debut LP Show & Tell in September 2004. Check out Silvertide's website where you can listen to several of their songs for free.


Show & Tell 2004

Band members

Walt Lafty vocals
Nick Perri lead guitar
Mark Melchiorre, Jr. rhythm guitar
Brian Weaver bass
Kevin Frank drums

User comments

Posted by sarge from south dakota (2nd November 2011)
i'm amazed. i love ain't comin' home.

silvertide with vanhalen
Posted by rick from grand rapids michigan (9th May 2005)
all i can say is silvertide is a kick ass band put on on hell of a show and hope to see them again ,

love Silvertide
Posted by Shantelle from Ontario, Canada (21st April 2005)
OMG i really love Silvertide, the first song i hurd was Aint coming home and it is an awsome song.I tryed looking for more song but couldn't find any, but last night i found their album and it rocks. I am 18 and also listen to Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Van Halen, it's all good mucsic. Who ever gets this can e-mail me at

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