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Australian rock band whose members were in their mid-teens when they won a radio competition with the song "Tomorrow", later to feature on their debut album Frogstomp. An excellent straight-forward rock album, Frogstomp nonetheless received some criticism for being unoriginal sounding. Perhaps in response to that, each Silverchair album has become musically more diverse and adventurous, and in 2002's Diorama, classic rock was fused with pure pop, orchestral passages and sampling to create a truly original record, the songwriting peak of the band's career to date.

Front man Daniel Johns is currently playing with fellow Australian Paul Mac in a band called The Dissociatives.


Frogstomp 1995
Freakshow 1997
Neon Ballroom 1999
Diorama 2002

Band members

Daniel Johns guitar
Chris Joannou bass
Ben Gillies drums Recommends:

User comments

silverchair rocks!
Posted by donna from philippines (25th July 2009)
i was 11 years old when frogstomp album was released. two years later (i'm 13 years old then), their second album (freakshow) was released. and now, silverchair is still rockin'. it's been 14 YEARS since they enter the music industry. I LOVE THIS BAND especially front man, DANIEL JOHNS. nothing can compare to SILVERCHAIR. the original songs that they wrote, their original tune, DANIEL JOHNS have a powerful voice. I love silverchair! Long live grunge! long live SILVERCHAIR!

You are cool!
Posted by Cheri Lexvold from Rockford, IL (6th December 2008)
Hey, Silverchair! You guys are cool! I loved your song on YouTube - Israel's sons. I found you when I googled Music Israel.

Posted by Raissa from London (21st February 2007)
I love so much this band
I love Daniel Johns!!!

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