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From Atlanta, Georgia, Sevendust pride themselves on the honesty & emotional sincerity of their music. Melodic choruses contrast with brutal verses, providing an outlet for the different emotions frontman Lajon Witherspoon wants to convey. This combination certainly appeals to Sevendust's loyal fans, who have been referred to as "friends" by Witherspoon.

Eight years after the release of their eponymous debut album, Sevendust released Next in 2005, an album Witherspoon declares is "the most honest and the most learned work we've done". It's their first album with WineDark Records after splitting with longtime label TVT Records. Update: The band have now broken ties with Winedark Records and will handle distribution through their own label, 7Bros. Records.


Band members

Lajon Witherspoon vocals
John Connolly guitar
Sonny Mayo guitar (2004-)
Vinnie Hornsby bass
Morgan Rose drums, vocals
Clint Lowery guitar, vocals (1997-2004) Recommends:

Links Official Sevendust website. Listen to a selection of their music for free. Also an official Sevendust website!

User comments

WWF forceable entry
Posted by Oscar from Passaic New Jersey (19th August 2010)
7dust I like 1 song of you.

Posted by Billy Bob from Nashville (15th February 2006)
They rock man!!!!

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