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Paul Gilbert

6th November 1966 - Favourite Video

User comments

oh and ummmm
Posted by alien from earth (12th June 2011)
we are the aliens, my freinds,
and we'll keep on shredding 'till the end.
we are the aliens, we are the aliens,
no time for humans, cause we are the aliens...

Posted by alien from earth (12th June 2011)
whaaaaaa??? that is so sick, f'ing amazing, blazing, precision and speed, always a pleasure to listen to / watch paul and band shred like alien beings. awesome.

Posted by Matt from UK (13th February 2009)
...and for those who don't know, Paul Gilbert is the guitarist for Racer X and was the guitarist for Mr. Big.

Posted by Matt from UK (13th February 2009)
I've gotta agree with the comment above! My favourite tracks are: Scarified, Technical Difficulties and Godzilla.

That said, I don't think Gilbert is the most soulful player. He sounds best when he's playing at supersonic speed!

Guitar master
Posted by Jeff from UK (22nd October 2008)
Paul gilbert is amazing! I don't think there's a better guitar shredder out there for me, at least not when it comes to super fast & accurate speed picking. He's also a great guitar teacher; check out some of his lessons on YouTube, in particular those to do with alternate picking.

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