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English rock band formed in 1994, playing under different names such as Gothic Plague and Rocket Baby Dolls before taking the name Muse. The band is noteworthy for having incorporated a number of different styles into its own variety of rock, taking ideas from genres such as classical and electronic music. Muse haven't always created radio-friendly material, and their commercial success has been restricted by this. They have, however, received critical acclaim by critics for their originality and have a strong fan base.


Showbiz 1999
Origin of Symmetry 2001
Hullabaloo Soundtrack 2002
Absolution 2003
Black Holes and Revelations 2006
The Resistance 2009

Band members

Matthew Bellamy guitar, vocals
Christopher Wolstenholme bass, backing vocals
Dominic Howard drums & percussion

User comments

Muse Loves U
Posted by Muse Loves U from Barcelona (23rd July 2014)
Plug in baby, Hysteria, unintended, uprising
that are my favorite song.. ^_^

Posted by candycloud151 from los angeles, ca (22nd July 2010)
matthew.. dominic.. christopher.. tight

a band thats amazin n also the same age as me
Posted by rockiller723 from australia (29th March 2010)
starlight is amazin, undisclosed desires is amazin n uprising is amazin. most of all muse, is amzin. congratulations 4 16 yrs of success

BDO perth
Posted by meg from perth (5th February 2010)
Muse are without doubt the hottest, and most tlented band I have seen ina long time. Matt is incredibly talented, their performance at the big day out was unbelievable, cant wait to catch them live again.

Posted by tommo from london (11th January 2010)
hell damn straight this band is fuckin' a

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