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Metallica are perhaps the best known heavy metal band in the world. Formed in California in the early 80s, Metallica have released several albums and continue to be a successful recording act to this day. Their early albums were aggressive heavy metal. More recent albums have ventured into the blues & alternative rock genres (Load & Reload), orchestral collaborations (S & M) and a reworking of rock classics in an album of covers (Garage Inc.). Inevitably the (sometimes temporary) changes in styles over the years have disgruntled many fans and have led to accusations of selling out.

One of the impressive things about Metallica is their ability to both blast out a furious metal masterpiece, such as "Enter Sandman", and then turn their hands over to an acoustic ballad, such as "Nothing Else Matters", incidently both of which are on the self-titled album Metallica, usually called "The Black album".

A few personal events stand out in the band's history. Cliff Burton, their bassist from 1982-1986 died when a tour bus had an accident. He was replaced by Jason Newsted who left in 2001 amid rumours that frontman James Hetfield felt uncomfortable about his touring with his side project, Echobrain. Band tensions were made open to the world in a candid documentary named Some Kind of Monster which was released recently. Like many bands Metallica members have had to deal with a range of alcohol and drug addictions.


Kill 'Em All 1983
Ride The Lightning 1984
Master Of Puppets 1986
...And Justice For All 1988
Metallica (The Black Album) 1991
Load 1996
ReLoad 1997
Garage Inc. 1998
St. Anger 2003
Death Magnetic 2008

Band members

James Hetfield vocals, guitar
Kirk Hammett guitar
Dave Mustaine guitar (1982-1983)
Jason Newsted bass (1986-2001)
Cliff Burton bass (1982-1986)
Bob Rock bass (2001-2003)
Rob Trujillo bass (2003- )
Lars Ulrich drums

User comments

Posted by Jordan L. from Mobile, AL, USA (4th March 2013)
Dont hate on Metalica, they've been through enough as it is.

Posted by bla from nan (27th March 2012)
u guys rule

Posted by bla from nan (27th March 2012)
u guys rule

Posted by Anonymous from Hell (18th October 2010)
You guys suck since the 90's

Posted by Bloody Splade from A computer (7th August 2010)
next time i go to one of your concerts i want the speakers to be so high that my ears would bleed! rock on

Posted by skygfluksa from drfhbswhgf (30th June 2010)
tdhfdfdghisgtbsydgfjdfhddhgrhgyuftg748 2857643587465764765865876565576uhreyufdhsuaihfduhfdjahfdujdahfjdshjhdsalhfsldafludasgfusdhsncxbshdvbhjcxhjge

Posted by Metallica from Minden (14th May 2010)
U sux as hell c ya u fking hoe

rock the world
Posted by bob23 from focsani-romania (6th February 2010)
anywere anytime metallica rocks

Posted by SO WHAT from YOUR MUMS ENTRANCE (14th January 2010)
I like metallica because they play music and satisfied my mother.

Posted by jessica from independence missouri (13th March 2009)
you guys kick ass. ur my favorite, keep up the awesome music.

march 13 2009
Posted by jessica from independence missouri (13th March 2009)
you guys kick ass. ur my favorite, keep up the awesome music.

Posted by dakotah st.peter from alberta , calagary (10th June 2008)
you guys are awesome one of my favorite rock bands my favorite song of yours is enter the sand man keep on living metallica

make a more new song with clear intrumentals
Posted by jacob from philippines (28th April 2008)
i like your song verey much such specially to all your song with loud intrumental like lead guitar

Posted by mykl from minden (25th August 2006)
God bless cliff burton

Posted by mykl from minden (25th August 2006)
the best ever
hard as hell
keep going

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