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Hailing from Bakersfield, California, Korn was one of the first bands to be labeled "new metal". Their signature sound features detuned Ibanez 7-string guitars combined with slick drumming, and the distinctive croon/screaming of tortured ex-assistant coroner, bagpipe playing, Adidas tracksuit wearing vocalist, Jonathan Davis. An early classic of theirs is "Blind", a killer track off their self-titled debut album, in which Davis declares "I can see, I can see, I'm going blind!", a contradictory statement typical of the early- to mid-90's hard rock scene (think Nirvana).


Band members

Jonathan Davis vocals, bagpipes
Brian "Head" Welch guitar
James "Munky" Shaffer guitar
Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu bass
David Silveria drums Recommends:

User comments

Korn iz killer
Posted by Oscar from New Jersey (2nd December 2010)
Rock ass

Korn is God
Posted by Oscar from Passaic New Jersey (19th August 2010)
you rock ass man!

U make me crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Posted by Divinda from Srilanka (7th November 2009)
its unbeliveble.korn is the BEST ever.

Posted by hi from wichita (10th March 2009)
i gotta say... im coming undone

Posted by from chicago Ill (11th January 2009)
theyre awsume... stop hating...their music brings, passion, and life...thats y their the best

Posted by sarah from nc (17th April 2008)
i meant green day and fall out boy rule

Posted by sarah from north carolina (17th April 2008)
they suck green day and fall out boy

East or West koRn Is da Best
Posted by Abhilash from Mayur vihar ph-3, Delhi (7th November 2007)
Oh wht can I say abt dis band..Accordin 2 me d presentation..d pain..d aggression..d passion dat dey have is awesome....n I dnt think dat any1 can do as much as dey had done..Itz one of dos bandz which dominated da whole industry for more dan 5 yrz..Wel korn is a mix match of nu metal n gothic metal..n der songz realy touchez da soul..So all da best guyzz keep on maikin heavy stuffzz...well I've al da songz of korn..dey made me crazy & dey r mah idol..."KORN ROCKXX"

why i love them
Posted by nicole from new zealand (21st September 2006)
korn is the best band in the world because all they do is keep bringing out good music!!! i love them sooooo much and my dream is to meet them some day... or at least go to one of their concerts...

korn rocks
Posted by from LA (2nd April 2005)
hey i think that korn is the badest band alive and they totally rock.they rock better than any other band .thats why they are cool and they are awesome.korn is my favorite band because they are cool and i like the songs,especially another brick in the wall,that song rocks ohh ya'll want a single and freack on leash.well korn rocks.

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