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Good Charlotte

11th May 2005
Good Charlotte have released a statement explaining that they have decided to replace drummer Chris Wilson. It says he has left for health reasons.


Band members

Joel Madden vocals
Benji Madden guitars, vocals
Billy Martin guitars, keyboards
Paul Thomas bass
Chris Wilson drums

User comments

You know what?
Posted by Me from Yo momma (13th October 2011)
This band SUCKS! And all who like this band are gay!

Good Charlotte
Posted by SuckaDuck from Missouri (27th April 2011)
to Steve, keep nasty comments to your self! many people happen to like this band!

good charlotte
Posted by steve from at home (6th March 2009)
theyr poo

good charlotte
Posted by steve from at home (6th March 2009)
theyr poo

good charlotte are the best
Posted by matt e from england (9th July 2008)
good charlotte the best band in the world

Posted by lllll from somewhere (29th June 2005)
kiss for good charlotte xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...etc.....

Posted by haha from london (29th June 2005)
i loveeeeeeeeeeeee good charlotte

were's chris
Posted by stacey from tennessee (14th May 2005)
well u ever wanted to know that.chris will not be playing for a while because of health problems

He's back
Posted by Melusine from England (3rd May 2005)
He's come back apparently..tho u probably already know that by now since your last post was so long ago, just thought i'd say anyway. I think i read he was back on the official website or in some magazine.

Posted by someone from someplace (30th April 2005)
ok no one has told me yet. i really wanna know!!!
it's almost may, which means gc and sp will start their summer tour. if i go to a show, i wanna see chris playin' the drums. not one of the bands friends (who i think SUCKS!!). so if anyone sees this and if u know what happened to chris. TELL ME!!!!!

~ Someone~

what happend to chris????!!!!
Posted by someone from someplace (4th April 2005)
ok i want to know what happened to chris. he has been gone 4 a long time and i miss him!!!! tell me what happend to him!!!!!!!

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