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A new Phil Collins compilation is out now: Love Songs: A Compilation... Old and New (click on the link to order it from It contains 25 tracks on 2 CDs and includes classics such as "One More Time", "Against All Odds" and "Two Hearts", as well as a few new tracks.

Band members

Peter Gabriel lead vocals, flute, percussion 1967-1975
Tony Banks keyboards, 12-string guitar, backing vocals 1967-1998
Mike Rutherford bass, guitars, backing vocals 1967-1998
Anthony Phillips guitars, backing vocals 1967-1970
Phil Collins drums, lead vocals, backing vocals 1970-1996
Steve Hackett guitars 1970-1977
Ray Wilson vocals 1997-1998

User comments

Posted by Suhail Shehab from Beirut, Lebanon (11th March 2010)
Genesis is the best band!! Their music is so beautiful!! I wish Peter Gabriel gets back to genesis. But I really want Genesis to do a concert in Lebanon.

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