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Garbage consists of Scottish singer Shirley Manson (previously of Angelfish and Goodbye Mr. MacKenzie) backed by three Wisconsin based musicians, including one-time Nirvana producer Butch Vig on drums. An unlikely collaboration perhaps, but one that works. Garbage do not limit themselves to traditional rock formulas, incorporating techno and dance concepts into their music too. They recently released a fourth album, Bleed Like Me.


Band members

Shirley Manson vocals
Doug Ericson guitar
Steve Marker bass
Butch Vig drums

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User comments

cherry lips
Posted by sarge from south dakota (2nd November 2011)
Wow, love this song!!!!

Posted by from new jersey (13th February 2011)
you're the best

They are coming to my town!
Posted by Civil Engineer in Edmonton from Canada (8th August 2005)
Patiently....patiently for years I've been waiting for Garbage to come within a reasonable distance to where I live. This time in three weeks today I will be standing just feet from my favorite band (for the last decade) in a small bar just 5 minutes from my house................

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