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Faith No More

Faith No More was formed in California in the early 1980s and had a variety of line ups (that included Courtney Love on vocals) before recording their debut album We Care A Lot in 1985. At this time the band had Chuck Mosley on vocals, but he was replaced in 1989 by the band's most well-known singer, Mike Patton, just in time for the recording of their third album, The Real Thing. The album's fusion of rap and metal (perfectly exemplified by the single "Epic") appealed to a large audience and it sold well. The follow up album, Angel Dust, didn't quite match up to the success of The Real Thing on a world wide scale, but was more successful in certain places, among them Britain. During the recording of Angel Dust there were growing tensions between guitarist James Martin and the rest of the band, and he was fired in November 1993. After that Faith No More didn't enjoy quite the same level of success, plagued by people coming and going from the band and interest in side-projects, though they did manage to release a couple more albums. In 1998 the band announced they were breaking up. Many people believe that the band's legacy and most important contribution to rock was in their pioneering fusion of rap and metal, a style that became prevalent in nu-metal during the 1990s.

A new Faith No More compilation album by the name of The Platinum Collection was released in 2005. The collection is a great place to start for anyone interested in the band's music, featuring some classic tracks such as "Epic" and "Midlife Crisis".


Band members

Chuck Mosley vocals (up to 1989)
Mike Patton vocals (as from 1989)
James Martin guitar (up to 1993)
Mike Bordin drums
Roddy Bottum keyboards
Bill Gould bass guitar
Trey Spruance guitars on King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime
Jon Hudson guitars on Album of the Year Recommends:

User comments

love is all i have for you!!!
Posted by tanya from los angeles (13th February 2011)
ilove you , you help me to overcome things when i'm down...

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