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Evanescence will be releasing their new album The Open Door in October, 3 years after the release of their first major label album, the hugely successful Fallen. The album will be the first to feature Terry Balsamo, formerly of Cold, who replaces Ben Moody on guitar.


Fallen 2003

Band members

Amy Lee vocals and piano
Terry Balsamo guitar
John LeCompt guitar
Will Boyd bass
Rocky Gray drums

Former members:
Ben Moody guitar

Guitar tab books Guitar tab books

User comments

I Love It!
Posted by Amy Lynn Lee from Here (26th March 2013)
I really like it so much! I Love Evanescence so much!

By Yuanti

Posted by deadman556 from dfw (10th June 2012)
i really hope u guyz do good while u r here for the concert. see u at the consert

Posted by you rock my world from cape town south africa (18th March 2012)
you guys are my most favourite band i so krikken love ya!

Posted by you rock my world from cape town south africa (18th March 2012)
you guys are my most favourite band i so krikken love ya!

i love you guys
Posted by pandemoniumangel from south dakota (2nd November 2011)
You guys are my favorite band... siriousely, i get the music stuck in my head all the time!!!

Bring me to life
Posted by Oscar from New Jersey (10th December 2010)

Mike Lee... Your an idiot
Posted by yurmaster from tennessee (3rd September 2010)
Evanescence does not suck, so stop trying to post stupid shit

Posted by mike lee from texas (19th July 2010)
u suck ass

missing u in columbus ohio this summer
Posted by rox from pittsburgh (22nd February 2008)
I was sad to see that evanescence will not be playing/attending the Columbus, Ohio tour this year. Last year we traveled there to see them and alot of other bands yet, evanescence blew everyone away.

EvaneScence's greatest fan ever!
Posted by ?? from el-paso texas (12th November 2007)
Amy Lee I am your greatest fan ever my whole entire family loves your music I want to be like you someday! I have all your C.Ds and hear them all day and all night! I talk to my friends about you guys and let them hear your music and they agree you guys rock 100%!!!
Ps come to el-paso texas to play!!!!!!!!!!!

break up
Posted by jacqueline from french camp, CA (14th May 2006)
did evanescence break up????

Ben Moody
Posted by Ryoko from Austin (23rd May 2005)
Maybe you guys haven't updated this site in a while, but Ben Moody isn't in the band anymore, which is a huge disappointment, because he was a wonderful guitarist. But the band is still friggin awesome, and always will be, no matter what!!!!!

You guys rock!
Posted by Chrissy from new york (3rd May 2005)
I am a huge fan of evanescence and i love the song "missing" it relates to me so much! Amy Lee you're freaking awesome! as is the rest of the band!!

your the greatest
Posted by Leonardo G. Ledesma from San Antonio, TX (5th April 2005)
you are the greates band in the world. My favirote song is wisper in your album fallen. all i listen to is your album. uoh... got to go the teacher is coming

Leonardo G. Ledesma

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