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Band members

David Draiman vocals
Dan Donegan guitar
Fuzz bass
Mike Wengren drums

User comments

Why not Godsmack?!
Posted by Jordan L. from Alabama, USA (4th March 2013)
Oh yeah and whoever made this website really needs to step it up. AND WHY ISNT GODSMACK ON THE LIST!!

One of my firsts
Posted by Jordan L. from Alabama, USA (4th March 2013)
Disturbed was the first rock genred band i had ever listened to, im only 15 btw, they were the band that brought me into music. Since then any AMAZING song ive heard on TK 101.5 The Rock Station i have written into this giant playlist. :)

Posted by deadman from somewhere (10th June 2012)
i seen them in corpus with my cousin they were awesome w/ corn , i'm getting your peirsings david they rock

ever going to play live again >.<
Posted by David Draiman from Escondido california (9th July 2011)
ever going to play live again?

Number one band..Forever
Posted by Slade from United States (9th April 2009)
Disturbed is the best band to everplay but this info on them needs to b email

Posted by Disturbed Forever from united states (9th February 2009)
by the way the sites arent on the interntet u have to type a special address for it so email me to get it

top 1 band of mine
Posted by Disturbed Forever from united states (9th February 2009)
we are! disturbed! we are! disturbed! let disturbed live forever let the play forever let the be Disturbed! but you need alot more info on them this is kinda sad on info you need more bands too i can give some i have my own site with music. ill allow u to take some bands from my Battle of the Bands series. i have 100 bands on each site 2 sites total so far. so 200 bands.

i got all the popular bands three days grace linkin park disturbed metallica three doors down ozzy ozborn and more. heres my email email me if ur intrested.

Posted by Gabs%33## from Durban, South Africa (6th October 2007)
What a band!! "Let the living die, let the living die!!"

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