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Creed were formed in Tallahassee, Florida in 1995. Creed epitomized the post-grunge era and many comparisons have been made between them and Pearl Jam and in particular between vocalists Scott Stapp and Eddie Vedder.

Creed released 3 studio albums. Their second, Human Clay, which debuted at number 1 on the Billboard charts, was their most successful and delivered a handful of hit singles including "Higher" and "With Arms Wide Open". All of Creed's music has been written by singer Scott Stapp and guitarist Mark Tremonti. They have recorded their albums in home studios. They must have been state of the art home studios though!

Creed have often been labeled a Christian band because of the religious content of much of their lyrics. However, Scott Stapp has denied that the band had any sort of agenda with regards spreading religious messages.

They broke up in the summer of 2004. Favourite Video


My Own Prison 1997
Human Clay 1999
Weathered 2001
Greatest Hits (compilation album)2004

Band members

Scott Stapp vocals
Mark Tremonti guitar, vocals
Brian Marshall bass guitar
Scott Phillips drums Recommends:

User comments

Posted by CREED from HOUSTON (26th November 2009)
I have all theur 3 album they are as good as all other rock of rhe 70, 80 eg Kiss, Led zeppelin Rush, Deep Pluple ETC

Posted by Shanelle from Utah (12th May 2009)
I really like your music, your my favorite band and my boyfriends, hopefully you guys make more music :D

Posted by jessica from (13th March 2009)
i love you guys. my favorite songs are (with arms wide open) and (Whats this life for). and plenty of other songs. you guys should make more music.

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