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Formed in 1991, Candlebox found success under Madonna's Maverick label, selling a total of over 5 millions records. However, they have always been put down by the cynics as grunge wannabes; as with many bands, this is unfair: Candlebox are a great band in their own right. Frontman Kevin Martin now fronts a new band called The Hiwatts (really the band is a vehicle for his own music), and has released an album, The Possibility of Being. Candlebox's second drummer was Dave Krusen, Pearl Jam's original drummer, who joined prior to the recording of their 3rd album, Happy Pills. Krusen quit the band in 1999 to spend more time with his family, but went on to play with Unified Theory a few years later.


Candlebox 1993
Lucy 1995
Happy Pills 1998

Band members

Kevin Martin vocals
Peter Klett guitars
Bardi Martin bass
Rob Redick replaces Bardi on bass
Dave Krusen drums
Shannon Larkin latest drummer
Scott Mercado original drummer Recommends:


Official Candlebox website
Kevin Martin and The Hiwatts official band website

User comments

Posted by Jon from UK (13th September 2010)
I bought the Candlebox album Lucy on a whim, I guess sometime in 1996. It's a pretty good album with a good balance of soft vs hard music. For me the singer is a little bit weak, but maybe his still appeals to those who like less obvious and structured melodies.

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