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Bullet For My Valentine

Welsh Metalcore band formed in 1998 (as Jeff Killed John), starting out as a covers band, splitting up and getting back together again before signing a deal with Visible Noise in 2004.

Bullet For My Valentine released their self-titled debut EP in November 2004. Their first full-length album, The Poison, was released in the UK in October 2005. Their next album should be released sometime in 2007.


Bullet for My Valentine 2004
The Poison 2005

Band members

Matthew Tuck guitar & vocals
Michael Paget guitar & vocals
Jason James bass & vocals
Michael Thomas drums Recommends:

User comments

Posted by BFMV Lover from des moines iowa (11th April 2012)
I love you Matthew! awesome screamer!

Posted by BFMV Lover from des moines iowa (11th April 2012)
I love BFMV!fucking awesome band!! its the shit!! I Love You BFMV Tears Dont Fall is badass even the acoustic!

Best BAnd
Posted by DarkDimpLezzxx from New York (27th February 2012)
Bullet for My vallentine is the best banD I Love All Of their Music But The Most Song I like is All these Things I hate ANd Bittersweet Memories And hearts Burst In to fire YOu Guys are fuckinq awsome

completely amazing
Posted by Sarah Kushen from Wellington, Ohio (24th February 2012)
BFMV is like, the bestest band ever. my new favorite! my favorite song by them is pretty on the outside. Fucking amazing! best song in the world!! never gonna stop listening. (they say im too young, well they can shove it up their asses -.-)

ur awsome!!
Posted by danny t from doncaster (10th June 2011)
i listen to scream aim fire all the time!!!!!!!!!!! u rock!!!

Posted by mk from asheville, nc (25th May 2011)
You guys should come back to the Peel!!!!

your betral
Posted by duvirr garcia from texas (9th May 2011)
i love the song your betral i will listen to it all day non-stop i love u guys u fukinng rock. rock on bullet for my valitine.

Bullet For My Valentine
Posted by Jasmine Vogler from Tarkio MO (9th April 2011)
I love the guitar, i love the drums, i love the bass, i love the voice. Pain and happiness are woven into the songs you guys sing. I can't pick a favorite song, because they never get old

Posted by angel from idaho (1st October 2010)
DUDE you ppls rock

Bullet For MY Valentine is ace man!
Posted by Kaitlyn=P~ from Glasgow (26th August 2010)
a hink bullet fot my valentine is abd great best band av iver herd!!!!!!!! love eh song your betrayal :)

Posted by Oscar from New Jersey (23rd June 2010)
I like one of your song called Scream Aim Fire. That song I played in Guitar Hero.

BFMV is the best
Posted by matt e from england (9th July 2008)
bullet for my valentine is the BEST band in the world!!! waking the demon is the best song

Matthew Tuck
Posted by Trina G from Tulsa, Oklahoma (12th April 2007)
I seen your show at the Cain's you were awesome!!!

Bullet For My Valentine Rocks!!!
Posted by Brandon Peppard from Great Falls, Montana (15th February 2007)
dude, vullet for my valentine rocks, hand of blood is the best song ever!! you guys fucking rock!!!!

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