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Blind Melon

Band formed in the early 90s who had a hit with the song "No Rain" off their debut self-titled album. The band split up after the death of their singer, Shannon Hoon, in 1995, due to a drug overdose. Some of the band members went to on to form part of the short lived group, Unified Theory.

Blind Melon is one of my all-time favourite albums. I bought it on tape in 1993 and didn't really like it at first, but it soon grew on me. The album is intricate; there are many different riffs, melodies and sections in most songs, so there is a lot to discover as you listen to it over time. The feel is loose and laid back, at times "hippy" sounding (if that makes sense), but skillfully played, tight and intense as well. Shannon Hoon's vocals are high pitched and not always perfectly in tune, but that only helps make him sound all the more sincere. To me, the album represents the best of Blind Melon, though Soup has its advocates, and certainly Nico is an interesting collection too.


Blind Melon 1992
Soup 1995
Nico 1996
Classic Masters 2002

Band members

Richard Shannon Hoon, vocals
Christopher Thorn, guitar
Thomas Rogers Stevens, guitar
Brad Smith, bass
Glen Graham, drums Recommends:

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User comments

Glen Graham
Posted by Mary from Midwest (22nd December 2011)
BEST DRUMMER on the planet!! EVER!!

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