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Band members

Brian Johnson lead singer
Bon Scott original lead singer
Angus Young lead guitar
Malcolm Young rhythm guitar
Cliff Williams bass guitar
Phil Rudd drums Recommends:

User comments

AC/DC...still together
Posted by Hugh Jass from Next To The Moon (19th October 2014)
Most bands would break up if they lost a singer...or just break up because 40 years of playing together might get boring. But AC/DC didn't, and whatever they're doing, it's working. Rock On AC/DC!

a complete list
Posted by rock fan #1 from phil (19th January 2014)
can some1 give me the list of exact dates (M/D/Y) of every band .. form birth date of band members and released date of every albums and anniversary of every rock band.. it will be a great help for me as a die hard fan of this rock world

Posted by thatguy101 from canada (31st May 2012)

Posted by charan from india (20th August 2011)
rock with ac/dc !!!!

Posted by kevin from seattle (25th July 2011)
Probably the best, in your face, three chord song band ever.

Posted by from chicago,illinois (13th February 2011)
omg i love you guys...yu guys inspired me all my life..i love every song you made.

Posted by Oscar Miranda from Passaic NJ (21st September 2010)
You rock ass!

Posted by mackenzi from indianapolis (11th June 2010)
i love you guys rock on AC/DC!!!!!! U R DA BESTEST IN THE UNIVERSE

Posted by Elina from Fairytopia (21st December 2009)
AC/DC is da bestest in da whole universe! Rock on! =]

Bon and Brian
Posted by nick from fayetteville arkansas (9th June 2009)
those 2 rock!they both have really high vocals.that rocks!

Angus and Malcolm
Posted by nick from fayetteville arkansas (9th June 2009)
those 2 rock! they rock crazy!

you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by ?????? from el-paso texas (12th November 2007)
there is one rock band who is better than the rest and that is AC/DC

AC/DC rule
Posted by Tom from Oxford, England (3rd May 2005)
There ain't no better rock band.
AC/DC are the ultimate in high voltage.

By the way, did anyone know that they're bell that they used in 'Hells Bells' cost 20000 dollars?
Also, they're equipment had a total output of around 50000 watts!!

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